Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the complete process of creating all of the designs, assets, and code required to implement an software application that runs on a mobile device and all of its supporting services that are accessed from the mobile application via the a network connection and run on remote computing resources.

iOS App Development

Mobile applications for iPhone and iPad take up a large part of all Nexit mobile projects. While rendering iOS app development services, we have gained wealth of expertise, apparent from our hallmark projects across multiple industries.

iOS apps we develop :
  • B2B/B2E - Diverse enterprise mobile apps for internal use of a company’s managers and employees, who work in-house or in the field;
  • B2C - All types of high-quality customer apps that will bring your brand exposure and profit.
Challenges we solve :
Our developers keep up with the latest requirements and guidelines, essential for professional iOS app development services, as well as address major challenges, including:
  • Cross-device compatibility,
  • Performance and memory limitations,
  • Battery consumption,
  • Network speed, etc.
We ensure all challenges are solved properly, and deliver only faultless mobile solutions that can smoothly operate on iPhones and iPads, regardless of device specifications or iOS version installed.

We are ready to work from a rough concept up to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Along with all-round native development, Nexit has rich experience in delivering hybrid and cross platform apps. We offer cross platform mobile development on the most popular frameworks – Xamarin, Cordova (PhoneGap) and React Native. Nexit Mobile app development projects back up the competence and diverse industry background of our company.

Whether your business operates in healthcare, banking, telecommunications, retail or any other industry, we are enthusiastic to work with you. If you want to know more about cross platform development frameworks we work with, our methodologies and expertise, or are willing to share your app idea – feel free to let us know.
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Enterprise Mobile App Development

Nexit Offers enterprise mobile app development for medium- and large-scale companies, Nexit delivers secure and high-performing solutions that serve at all levels – from the frontline workers to the higher-ups. We know how enterprise apps differ from regular apps and find the right approach to address:

  • Insufficient employee productivity.
  • Data security risks with BYOD or COPE in place.
  • Low revenue and high expense risks.
  • Unstructured employee training and supervision.
  • Absence of access to your company’s knowledge base.
Enterprise mobile apps which we develop as follows :
  • Industry-specific apps
  • Task-based employee apps
  • BI and analytics apps
  • Field force automation apps
  • Sales process management apps
  • Internal corporate training apps
  • General productivity apps and more
Nexit knows the needs and standards of your industry. Our enterprise mobile application development addresses the most acute business challenges, so that the final app could improve your company’s core processes and strengthen your position on the market.

  • AR-supervised training – Help your employees quickly get used to operating the company’s new equipment.
  • Process automation apps – Plan your human resources’ efforts in a smart way.
  • Time trackers – Track time for every task your employees perform.
  • Quality inspection app – Keep your equipment and products in line with the standards.
  • Maintenance app – Manage all your maintenance processes on the go.
  • Analytics tool – Make viewing analysis results easily available for mobile devices.
  • Data encryption tool – Ensure 100% safety of your employees’ business calls and company account operations.
  • Mobile CRM – Feel free to access any client’s information anytime.
  • AR/3D model product catalogue app – Showcase your products in a more engaging way.
  • Trade marketing assistant – Fine-tune the work of your trade marketing field force.
  • In-app forms and questionnaires – Let your field sales force conveniently collect input.
  • Configuration tool – Tailor your product to the customer’s needs on the fly.
  • In/Outpatient care app – Equip you medical facility employees and your patients with a portable way of easy and fast communication.
  • Mobile CRM – Store patient’s data on a server, yet always have it at hand in an app.
  • AR-guided training – Polish the skills of your new employees with AR guidance.
  • In-app contract forms – Create a new subscriber’s contract in a minute, sign it electronically and store it on a server.
  • Subscriber’s data analysis – Have special offers automatically applied to your contracts.
  • Tariff plan calculators – Draw up a plan that suits the needs of your customers.
Business Analysis and Consulting
Our team of experienced consulting specialists can determine your needs and define a solution according to the latest industry standards. We also help enterprises choose a mobility strategy that will suit their individual solutions and benefit businesses. If you are unsure about the details of your project, you can trust our business analysts to create a comprehensive technical specification. Nexit is open to the most high-level project requests from our customers.

All-Round Development and Integration
We help you cover all stages of enterprise mobile application development process:

UI/UX design
  • Mobile application development
  • Back-end implementation
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
To ensure communication between mobile software and your corporate system, our specialists connect your enterprise application to any business solution you may have, including ERP, CRM, BI and ECM. Apart from that, we are ready to prepare regular app updates based on the user feedback.

Native and Cross-Platform development
Our experience in native app development is backed up by a rich portfolio and a long list of certified Objective-C/Swift, Java/Kotlin and C# developers. With ScienceSoft’s consulting services companies achieve the highest app quality available on any platform and deliver successful native apps for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Yet, if your company sticks to the BYOD or COPE policy, you may already know that cross-platform mobile solutions suit you better. We analyze your industry requirements and determine whether Cordova, React Native or Xamarin is the best option for your enterprise mobile applications development.

Off to a Good Start
A good cooperation is always based on mutual respect and trust, and we want to gain yours. Drop us a line to learn more about our company, consult with our experts, or request a proof-of-concept. After you acknowledge our expertise, you can leverage Nexit enterprise mobile app development services.
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Our experienced teams of innovative and leading developers and designers have the best technological and practical knowledge in the field of mobile app development. We don’t just build apps; we build apps that will fetch you opportunities and launch creative innovative solutions. We believe that ideas are powerful only when they are given proper support. We love challenges, we take half nurtured ideas and our skilled team analyzes the potential of your ideas against its ability to solve real-time world problems and market needs.

Your ideas are then nurtured with the best technologies and supported by effective skilled resources. We do not just provide promises; we deliver the future in your hands, we deliver what we commit. The process that we follow as :

  • Meet & plan : Our experience team will setup meeting to understand your App requirement and Idea. Together we plan the inside out details and prepare blue-print for the App.
  • Design : Design the technical solution foot print and app UI / Workflows.
  • Develop : Our experienced developers develop the app as per finalized specification and design.
  • Testing : Test the app for bugs and validate the workflows are as per design. Launch Prepare and Launch App For Live users.
  • Support : Provide future maintenance and support.
  • In-Built Business Processes that are Industry Agnostic : This feature in our Framework reduces your native app development lifecycle drastically.
  • Business Process Automation : We automate any business process and integrate it with third party legacy systems such as ERP, CRM, Payment Gateway, Digital Wallets & Logistics.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience : We have in-built customer engagement modules (loyalty coupons, offers, customer grouping & segregation, etc) that enrich customer experience and enhances your digital presence.
  • In-depth Analytics : Our Framework comes with in-built Analytics that tracks every step in the customer / employee journey pertaining to business interests. This Analytics engine can be customized according to business needs.
  • Internet of Things : Our mobile app developers deliver mobile-enabled IoT solutions that are controlled via mobile, including real-time tracking & monitoring services, connected home solutions, video surveillance, etc.
  • Augmented Reality : Our mobile app developers build interactive & engaging AR- enabled mobile apps overlaying digital information and extending real-world scenes. We employing latest technologies in video streaming, audio, GPS data, etc.
  • Wearable Tech : Our mobile app developers delivers advanced solutions for wearable devices that are equipped with smart embedded sensors and displays. We also back them with remote, cloud? based data collection, monitoring, etc.
  • Geo Tracking : Our mobile app developers implements GPS technology to enrich mobile apps with real-time tracking features, geo-targeting, geo-fencing, geotagging, geo- conquesting, and location-aware in-app messaging.
  • Location Sensing : Our mobile app developers can implement location awareness capabilities with technologies like Near Field Communication, BLE Beacons, and Wi-Fi standards for enhanced in-store experience, secure contactless payments, etc.
  • Biometric Sensors : We implement biometric recognition technologies integrating fingerprint scanning, voice & face recognition, and other biometrics. With this feature, you can get high security user authentication.
  • iOS :
    Our iOS development team works extensively with technologies such as Swift, Objective-C, JSON, Web Services, PhoneGap, XML, CSS, Javascript and HTML5.
  • Andriod :
    Our Android development team works extensively with technologies such as Android SDK, Corona, PhoneGap, XML, CSS, Javascript and HTML5.
  • Cross Platform :
    Our mobile development team works extensively with modern cross platform technology stacks such as PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native etc.
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development :
    Our mobile application team can help you get the most out of HTML5 along with advanced frameworks such as Sencha, PhoneGap to develop scalable and robust mobile applications.