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Nexit works on computer science problems using current trend technologies that include but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, BlockChain, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cryptography and Security etc. Using these emerging technologies Nexit drives future capabilities and create an impact on customers products. We explore new mathematical models and scalable software architectures. We apply our research to arbitrary domains. It can have a real-world impact on health, education, agriculture, transport etc.


We apply Artificial Intelligence to detect fraudulent activities. We take large samples of data that includes fraudulent and non-fraudulent records and train to classify them. AI chatbots are capable of understanding natural language, i.e. human conversation, they can readily assist customers in finding out what they need to know, extracting information from the website, and directing them to the appropriate web page or person for further support.

Using conventional data processing applications it is very complex to process business data acquired by large corporations. Nexit provides better ways to extract useful information by using big data analytics tools and methodologies which can support proper decision making and help uncover patterns. These techniques are applicable to small and medium businesses to obtain the best possible outcomes for their firms. Nexit uses Big data technologies such as Hadoop, in-memory analytics and cloud-based analytics that brings significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data, can analyze information immediately and gives more efficient ways of doing business. We develop analytical algorithms that can manage the data efficiently.

Now-a-days many businesses and individuals are going online and security has become a major concern. Due to high-profile data breaches and ransomware attacks organizations and individuals need to safeguard their data and networks. Nexit provides business networks and Virtual Private Networks much safety and security as possible using cipher algorithms. Nexit adopts encryption as a part of your security policy. Graph analytics uncovers the essence of real-world networks through their connections. Nexit uses graph algorithms to model processes and makes valuable predictions about how things such as information or failures spread; the flow and capacity to transport resources; and influences on group dynamics and resiliency. Nexit uses advanced graph mining tools such as neo4j, Gephi in order to find patterns and structures in your connected data.

Our researches publish regularly in top journals and international conferences, release projects as open source and apply research to Nexit products and advance the state of the art through collaborations between top educational institutions.

Through our research expertise:

  • We drive innovation and design new features faster and efficient.
  • Understand and work with complex data.
  • We can draw intelligent conclusions from data.
We mainly focus on the below three major researches:

We are ready to work from a rough research concept up to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today for a free consultation.