Quality Assurance & Testing

Companies today struggle with rising testing costs and decreased testing effectiveness.The effort to improve performance and efficiency is exacerbated by incompatible tools, processes, and employee skill sets.

We can help companies fix these issues by putting in place comprehensive quality assurance and testing strategies that:
  • Prevent defects through sound processes and controls
  • Detect defects through comprehensive testing strategies
  • Ensure product fitness – verify the end product meets customer expectations
Developing an effective quality assurance and software testing strategy is the primary, and often overlooked, key to a high-performing quality assurance and testing organization. We help organizations define strategies to attain each goal through our unique assessments that focus on aligning people, processes, and tools to create flexible and standardized processes. We understand that quality assurance and testing processes must fit within the broader software development lifecycle. We customize our solutions for your development methodology, whether you are utilizing agile, waterfall, or iterative development.

Organizational Assestments

Our organizational assessments focus on making your organization more effective and efficient by aligning tools, processes, and skill sets. We do not come in predisposed to any particular set of tools or processes. Instead, we tailor our findings on how to make your organization better. If needed, we will suggest new tools, but often great gains can be made through alignment of resources, not resource swap-outs.

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Enterprise Testing Strategy

We assist organizations by providing strategic visioning for all aspects of their testing lifecycle such as:
  • Test case management
  • Test data management
  • Test environment management
  • Defect management
Our experience with tooling for QA and testing makes us the ideal partner to ensure you are getting the most out of your tools. We apply a tool-agnostic approach. The best tool for you may not be the tool used by someone else.We apply rigorous software development methodologies to our automation efforts and leverage key software development practices, including object-oriented principles, source control, peer reviews, and coding standards to make our automation flexible, adaptable, and re-usable.

We specialize in Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) automation, using open source technology such as Java/Selenium or Ruby/Cucumber/Webdriver. ATDD with test automation eliminates many challenges in agile. Using automated tests within a sprint helps test teams meet ever-increasing demands on their services.

Mobile Testing
We use our Mobile App Development practice and our mobile testers to provide a range of testing services, including testing native, cross-platform and mobile web / HTML5 solutions on iOS, Android, and Windows phone handsets and tablets.

Performance Testing
Our performance testing approach can be used to quickly identify performance bottlenecks, recommend remediation approaches, and put in place long-term performance monitoring infrastructure.We specialize in leading performance testing tools including LoadRunner, SOASTA and NeoLoad.

Functional Automation
As applications proliferate in modern digital enterprises, the testing workload begins to demand automation strategies and approaches. Our experts specialize in the leading test automation tools including HP’s QTP, SmartBear’s test complete, SOAPUI and Microsoft CodedUI, as well as open source frameworks such as Selenium and Watir.

Exploratory Testing
We believe testing is a sentient activity, requiring human intelligence to complete. No testing can (or should be) 100 percent automated. We leverage exploratory testing, which is comprised of learning and testing simultaneously while conducting automation and standard scripted tests. Our experience shows that exploratory testing excels at finding complex defects more quickly than standard testing approaches. We also provide hands-on exploratory training services.

Whether your business operates in healthcare, banking, telecommunications, retail or any other industry, we are enthusiastic to work with you. If you want to know more about cross platform development frameworks we work with, our methodologies and expertise, or are willing to share your app idea – feel free to let us know.
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Testing Process Improvement

Processes should be designed to reduce the team’s burden and streamline common activities. We help organizations that struggle with testing lifecycle processes by streamlining current procedures and establishing new testing systems. We cover all aspects of testing and quality assurance, including audits, reviews and testing support processes (such as test data management and test case management).

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Software Testing Tool Selection

Often, organizations have tool licenses to support testing, but those tools fail to achieve the desired goal of improving the testing organization. We use our software selection process to identify, demonstrate, and assist organizations in securing the right testing tool for their needs. We are tool agnostic. Instead of focusing on tool partnerships, we focus on your needs.

A good cooperation is always based on mutual respect and trust, and we want to gain yours. Drop us a line to learn more about our company, consult with our experts, or request a proof-of-concept. After you acknowledge our expertise, you can leverage Nexit's enterprise mobile app development services.
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Nexit provides the services of complex web application testing to evaluate the system quality and, thus, assist in meeting end users’ needs and expectations. In order to conduct an effective quality assessment, we take into account the specific features of web software products as well as the peculiarities of target market. We provide the testing services, we do not develop web applications.

We test different types of web applications that possess their own specific features including purpose, system structure, functionality, flexibility, security. We detect issues but we are not engaged in their fixing. We evaluate the quality of static and dynamic web applications, e-commerce web products, portals, animated web products and web applications with content management systems (CMS).

We perform a set of software testing types to ensure a high quality of web applications. The type of assessment depends on customer’s requirements. We select and develop a certain test strategy and methods suitable for checking a particular project.

Web Application Testing scheme :

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Assessment
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Content Evaluation
  • Technical Analysis
  • Database Testing
  • Usabilty Testing
  • Security Testing
  • GUI Testing
In order to ensure thorough testing of web applications, we take into account the following peculiarities:

  • Large and diverse end users types
  • Browsers / client agents with different functional capacities
  • Various client devices
  • High expectations to the speed of application response
  • Strict requirements to product look and feel
  • Localization for every market
  • Strong security
  • Well-established scalability
  • Software Infrastructure: Add N Edit Cookies, Assembla, Automated QA TestComplete, Bamboo , BugZilla, Confluence, Firebug, Google Voice, HackBar, HockeyApp, Jira, Mantis, Mediawiki, Mercury LoadRunner, Modify Headers, Navicat, Redmine, Selenium Tools, ShowIP, Snagit, SoapUI, Tamper Data, Testlink, VMware Workstation

  • Operation Systems:iOS Family, Linux Family OS, Mac Family OS, Multi-platform, Windows Family OS