Web Portals

Nexit has successfully carried out mobile projects, providing consulting and mobile app development services for different platforms and various industries.All our specialists are on a high alert to deliver all-round custom mobile app development services, from consulting and project specification to integration, deployment and market release.
B2B Portals
Depending on the objectives sought, Nexit's team offer the following portal modifications for your business.

According to the roles the owners take on:

1. Buy-side. A single big buyer or a group of buyers operate a portal and thereby can engage themselves in purchasing and reverse auctions, benefit from e-procurement methods (e-tendering, e-sourcing, e-MRO) and avoid maverick buying.
2. Sell-side. These are B2B portals owned by one big seller or a group of sellers who look for potential buyers online. A supplier-oriented application contributes immensely to the company’s recognition and customer retention, as well as opens new trade options (such as auctions). Buyers take advantage of supplier directories, as they get access to comprehensive information on profiles of suppliers and related products and services.
3. Independent. This type of B2B portals is controlled by a party not exactly involved in the transaction process. Such a portal provides much space for collaborative business processes through secure buyer-seller qualification, integration with multiple internal systems of its members, industry analysis, bid coordination and escrow service.

According to the portal content:

1. Vertical trade portals. Our team design an online working site that links all supply chain segments of one industry or industry sector. Such portals enhance your operating efficiency, lower intermediary costs and considerably reduce order cycle time.
2. Horizontal trade portals. Nexit will develop an architecture of a huge open market with advanced search options, which concentrates on a service, material or a product, bringing together buyers and sellers from different industries in both domestic and international markets.

Challenges we solve
Unstable business environment

The world never stands still. To stay ahead of the game, businesses should be able to react to changes promptly and wisely. To make innovations work for you, we pay special attention to the application’s flexibility. Our developers create an application with the architecture that provides an option to extend and change the functionality dynamically. Our solutions are open to AI implementation and mobile app integration

Infuriating UI and UX

Crowded screens, ill-marked buttons, irrelevant design, ill-structured content and other usage inconveniences may well deter the user from ever coming back. We build strong customer engagement to ensure the success of your B2B portal. Our skilled UI/UX designers recognize the high importance of application user-friendliness and regularly respond to the customer feedback developing clear, intuitive, elegant and full of energy UI.

Prime cyber-attack target

Due to a high concentration of valuable data, B2B portals often become a priority hacking target. We keep track of constantly evolving security needs and use best practices of automated multi-level control to guarantee the reliability of both web-application and its infrastructure. New cryptography techniques provide a bulletproof armor for your system, making it almost unhackable and introducing the highest standard of confidentiality, integrity and authentication.

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Vendor Portals
Nexit's web portals is ready to develop the following kinds of B2B solutions for you:

B2B Vendor portal for manufactures
Allows more efficient and accelerated supply chain management.

B2B Vendor portal for non-manufactures (e.g. banks, education establishments, government institutions)
Leads to increased healthy competition among the company’s vendors, objective assessment of a current market offer and smarter procurement decisions.

B2B Vendor portal for GPO
Provides a great opportunity for small and mid-sized companies to enjoy the reduced prices and other benefits of group purchasing.

The benefits you can expect from your new solution:

1. Better purchasing conditions - you enjoy better prices, smarter delivery and lower risks with comprehensive information of your broader supplier base.
2. Enhanced local purchase – local small and medium-sized companies become visible and easier to reach.
3. Lower cost of purchasing – a B2B portal eliminates slow paperwork and email-based collaboration, bringing all the communication in one place and allowing to reduce inventory costs.
4. Improved R&D process – B2B portal becomes your new open working environment, that allows newfound process transparency and strengthened connection with your vendors to leverage their valuable experience in the company’s R&D process.

Challenges we solve

1. Troublesome ERP integration – The integration of the portal with ERP system is often long, complicated and painful process. But if you want to get truly automated business processes, reduce a great volume of routine manual actions and track relevant info on the business needs, a deep ERP integration is essential for your B2B Vendor portal, thus we ensure seamless integration with this internal system for you to get the most of the new solution.

2. Big and slow solution – As vendors differ in size, offering and collaboration model, to avoid unnecessary complexity, we keep what suits exactly for your business. Moreover, we can introduce various vendor account options, e.g. you can provide limited functionality for your minor vendors or integrate with the internal systems of your key suppliers.

3. Buyer-vendor communication failure – As any communication gap may cause massive loses (imagine a delivery delay notification being lost), we ensure that you’re kept up-to-date and nothing is left unnoticed with automated alerts, notification and live charts.

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Customer Portal
Nexit help to improve your competitive position by delivering superior service to the customers with perfectly balanced self-service and live support, streamline complex communication with your customers and make the purchasing process faster and more convenient. Create your secure business environment that fully embraces the complexity of the B2B world through engagement of the whole customer’s decision-making group (multi-user account), bulk/repeat/scheduled purchases, different payment options (cards, paper checks, online platforms) and integration with your and your partners’ internal systems.

Key features
1. Online catalog – be always there. Provide most relevant and comprehensive information about your products and services 24/7.
2. Personalized content – make you customers feel heard and cared.
3. Automatic alerts – learn about the customers’ actions right away.
4. Flexible pricing mechanisms (for the B2B world) – set up unique prices and promotions for different customers.
5. E-payment – allow online payment and save both your and your customers’ time and money.
6. Live chat – answer the questions quicker than your competitors do.
7. After-sales service – coordinate repair/replacement/maintenance services and get valuable data, monitoring your product in real life.
8. Collaboration – create a true community of your customers through discussion boards, forums, etc. to share ideas, experience.
9. Analysis & Report – know who you customers are and what they search for.
Our comprehensive service doesn’t stop when the portal is launched. We continue keeping it viable and relevant in the after-release period.

1. Driving sales – via customer convenience and informed purchasing as you become visible, you become easy to reach, you provide info that is always relevant.
2. Reducing costs - via self-service and automation as there is no need for a huge customer support department. Your customers do your job. And they enjoy it.
3. Increasing customer satisfaction – via clear and efficient interactions as you provide multiple support channels, you share knowledge and tips, you get to know your customers closer.

A Customer portal will let you increase the efficiency of the sales department, move the relationships with the customers to a completely new level and ensure their increased loyalty and retention. Contact our team to discuss the details about your future solution.
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Nexit offers comprehensive test solutions and frameworks, to adapt to the specific needs of development teams.

Prebuilt, Nimble Agile Process Assets: Nexit offers a proven framework that is a combination of reusable assets that includes automated and manual testing. These reusable process assets help us to efficiently analyze and implement test cases to both new and ongoing projects.

Assessment Framework to Help Organizations: Nexit’s assessment framework helps determine the sustainability and readiness for development projects. Through review of internal and external content, in addition to integration review, we identify key areas of opportunity to maximize the testing effort without duplicating efforts on sound development that does not require additional time or budget.

Agile Quality Assurance to Reduce Product’s Time-To-Market: In accordance with Agile best practices, Nexit testers work concurrent with development to identify and address issues in real time. As members of the project team, Nexit testers maintain an open dialogue with the development team throughout the software development lifecycle. This methodology reduces lag time between development, testing, bug triage, and issue mitigation. Further reducing the time taken for testing, thereby shortening the cycle for the final product to reach the market.

Global Delivery Model: Nexit offers delivery models that help clients align testing for an efficient and effective Agile Project delivery. Customers also benefit from our offshore, nearshore, and onshore delivery models, all of which ensure stability and high quality of service and product.

Large Enough to Scale and Small Enough for Attention: At Nexit, the customer’s priority is the company’s priority. With years of experience and integrated resources, Nexit has the advantage of scalability. The customer could be a large multi-national or a domestic corporate, with a large- or small-scale project, Nexit has the flexibility to deliver services accordingly.

Whether we’re providing fully managed end-to-end testing, support to overstretched internal test teams or independent testing for outsourced development projects, we are here to provide information to help you make the right decisions.
Staff Augmentation for various kinds of skilled resources to suffice you all IT related needs. Software Development in Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Microsoft .NET, Java/Scala, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP High end software development with Neo4J, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Telecom, Embedded and Open Source Platform.

Web Design & Development with Web 2.0 Standards, DIV / CSS based Websites and Unique Customizable Designs. Web Application Development using ASP.NET, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint, Cold Fusion and much more. E-Commerce Development & Shopping Cart Integration.

Rich Internet Application Development with Flash, Flex, Ajax, Flash Media Server, etc. Mobile Application Development Services including iPhone / iPad Application Development, Android Application Development, Blackberry Application Development, Symbian OS Application Development and Mobile Website Design & Development.

SEO / SEM / SMM Services for Search Engine Rankings, Optimization, PPC, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics Services and much more.

Content Management Services – Our Open Source CMS is very good content management system developed in-house. It gives our customers flexibility to create dynamic database driven websites and to manage it effortlessly.

DNN Development Services – Our DNN Development Services are professional and qualitative due to good project experience of our Dot Net Nuke developers. DNN outsourcing gives our customers an opportunity to create dynamic free of charge websites and to manage it efficiently.
Comprehensive Service Offering Nexit is a team of highly qualified and experienced software engineers and system analysts with professional experience of 3-15 years. Thus, in addition to being able to develop awesome software for you, we can also perform in-depth business analysis,create all the required documentation and comprehensively test your software application.

Business and System Analysts Businesses often face the challenge of finding the best business or technical solutions for their applications-to-be. Nexit employs a large in-house team of seasoned business analysts, whose professional experience ranges from 3 to 15 years and has been acquired by them while taking part in a number of high-complexity projects for clients in the Telecom, Banking, Energy and other verticals. Our business analysts can comprehensively analyze your company's business situation in order to make your software solution more comprehensive and competitive, as well as to minimize any possible need for cumbersome future additions and adjustments.

Talent Development Program We have a well-tuned and multi-faceted Talent Development program that allows our employees to acquire new and hone their existing skills. The Program includes in-house knowledge transfer events, mentorship arrangements, participation in external industry events nationwide and more. It helps our company to maintain a high-quality, readily available in-house talent pool that can always be tapped into to assist our clients in implementing their projects.

Quick Start In order to facilitate the take-off of your software development project and reduce your product's time-to-market, we can transfer 2-3 seasoned software engineers from one of our major projects within 1-3 weeks following the project's start. This will allow you to promptly build the core of your new development team.

We Always Keep Abreast of the Time With Nexit, you can always be sure your application will be developed using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that will both improve the quality of your software and speed up the development process.

Keep-the-Client-Informed Approach We never just code, or jump at the first available option. Our software engineers always examine the task at hand from different angles, propose the more optimal solution and submit it for your review and approval.
  • Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Java, Scala, C++, PERL, Groovy, Go
  • TypeScript, JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle PL/SQL
  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
Tools & Servers
  • Selenium
  • IBM WebSphere, Tomcat, Jetty
  • Atlassian, Git, Jenkins, IntelliJ
  • Agile: SCRUM, Kanban
  • Domain-Driven Development & Design, Test-Driven Development, and Integrated Software Development
  • Rapid Application Design, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Prototyping Approach and Spiral Approach.