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Nexit has offered outsourced software development to help improve innovation process for diverse business. We help clients to create quality software products. Many organizations consider us a reliable software outsourcing company and have become our regular customers, giving Nexit an incredible impetus to grow in competences and size.


Our Process  Approach towards work flow.


Nexit provides the services of complex web application testing to evaluate the system quality and, thus, assist in meeting end users’ needs and expectations. In order to conduct an effective quality assessment, we take into account the specific features of web software products as well as the peculiarities of target market. We provide the testing services, we do not develop web applications.

We test different types of web applications that possess their own specific features including purpose, system structure, functionality, flexibility, security. We detect issues but we are not engaged in their fixing. We evaluate the quality of static and dynamic web applications, e-commerce web products, portals, animated web products and web applications with content management systems (CMS).

We perform a set of software testing types to ensure a high quality of web applications. The type of assessment depends on customer’s requirements. We select and develop a certain test strategy and methods suitable for checking a particular project.

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Assessment
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Content Evaluation
  • Technical Analysis
  • Database Testing
  • Usabilty Testing
  • Security Testing
  • GUI Testing
In order to ensure thorough testing of web applications, we take into account the following peculiarities:
  • Large and diverse end users types
  • Browsers / client agents with different functional capacities
  • Various client devices
  • High expectations to the speed of application response
  • Strict requirements to product look and feel
  • Strong security
  • Well-established scalability

Software infrastructure

Add N Edit Cookies, Assembla, Automated QA TestComplete, Bamboo , BugZilla, Confluence, Firebug, Google Voice, HackBar, HockeyApp, Jira, Mantis, Mediawiki, Mercury LoadRunner, Modify Headers, Navicat, Redmine, Selenium Tools, ShowIP, Snagit, SoapUI, Tamper Data, Testlink, VMware Workstation.

Operation Systems

iOS Family, Linux Family OS, Mac Family OS, Multi-platform, Windows Family OS.

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